Linde and ArcelorMittal are to describe the benefits of using flameless oxyfuel technology in a continuous steel reheat furnace at AISTech 2008, the premier steel industry technology event in North America.

ArcelorMittal is the world's largest and most global steel company and the company’s Mike Lantz and Doug Hassenzahl will present a paper on how the Linde REBOX® flameless oxyfuel solutions increased reheating throughput and reduced fuel consumption at ArcelorMittal Shelby – Tubular Products in Ohio.

The paper was co-authored with Anders Lugnet, Grzegorz Moroz and Anders Carlsson of Linde. In their presentation on 7th May, the authors will describe how in 2007, Linde North America led a four-month, turnkey project to implement the REBOX® flameless oxyfuel technology at the seamless tube mill. This resulted in a 25% increase in reheating capacity and a decrease in fuel consumption of 50% versus oxy-enrichment and 65% versus airfuel.

The implementation also delivered improved temperature uniformity for better piercing results, a 50% reduction of scale formation and minimized nitrogen oxide (NOX) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Tony Palermo, Metals Market Segment Manager for Linde North America, said, “Linde’s portfolio of unique REBOX® oxyfuel solutions gives the steel industry a range of options for improving productivity and operating flexibility, reducing costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions on reheating and annealing furnaces, often as turnkey projects with guaranteed performance. The REBOX solutions have been very successful in improving the performance of existing equipment without a large capital investment.”

Linde’s in-house furnace and process engineering experts have converted over 110 furnaces worldwide to REBOX oxyfuel combustion and will be demonstrating this technology at AISTech 2008, which begins on 5th May at the David L. Lawrence Convention Centre in Pittsburgh.