Linde has today launched ADDvance® Sinter250, a new gas mixture to deliver optimal atmospheric conditions in sintering furnaces as part of Desktop Metal’s Bound Metal Deposition™ process.

US-based 3D printing technologies company Desktop Metal will utilise the advanced argon/hydrogen mixture for its European customers for use with its Studio System™, the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing system.

Desktop Metal Studio System Printer

Studio System Printer

Source: Desktop Metal/Linde

Pierre Forêt, Senior Expert Additive Manufacturing, Linde, said, “Linde has long been a pioneer in the development of innovative gas mixture to optimise manufacturing processes.”

“In this rapidly developing world of additive manufacturing, we are delighted to be collaborating with an innovator in the space such as Desktop Metal to supply this gas mixture to their customers.”

The tailored argon/hydrogen mix of ADDvance® Sinter250 is for use on parts made from stainless steel powers, however, Linde will also supply a pure argon 5.0 gas for the manufacture of parts made from low allow steel and tool steel powders.

Arjun Aggarwal, Vice-President of Business Development and Product, Desktop Metal, said, “Linde has developed a standard gas offering optimised for Studio System and is able to offer this streamlined solution to our European Desktop Metal customers.”