Linde Gases has announced a new contract with Topsil, a leading Danish provider of silicon wafers for semiconductors. Linde will supply high purity specialty gases critical to the manufacture of Topsil’s ultra-pure silicon wafers.

Linde was selected as the preferred supplier, as the company was able to offer a highly integrated end-to-end solution combining both specialty gas supply and specialty equipment installation.

Implementation will be at Topsil’s green-field plant at Copenhagen’s new CleanTech Park and is expected to be complete by March 2012.

As part of the integrated solution, Linde will supply high purity argon and nitrogen which will be used to grow the silicon crystals in order to produce ultra-thin silicon wafers, plus electronic gases phosphine and diborane – essential to help create a silicon wafer free from any impurities.

The purity of all these gases - and the prevention of contamination during storage and transportation to the point of manufacture - is critical for the production of an ultra-pure silicon crystal. Without this surety, costs of production can increase significantly as batches of expensive silicon can be rendered unusable.

“Crystalline silicon wafers are the backbone of the global microelectronics industry and Topsil’s wafers play a prominent role in a wide variety of high power semiconductor applications including operation of clean energy sources such as wind turbines,” said Steve Harrison, Head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment, Linde.

“Not only are we proud to support a customer involved at the cutting edge of clean technology, but this contract illustrates our long-standing expertise in specialty gases and our ability to provide a total solution ensuring quality and safety across the entire gas delivery process.”

In addition to maintaining purity standards required for wafer production, a highly reliable gas piping system, along with other specialty gas equipment will be installed to mitigate any escape of gas – particularly of the phosphine and diborane as they are both toxic and ignitable gases.

The location of Topsil’s new facility, Number One Silicon Road, was inaugurated by Denmark’s minister of climate and energy, Lykke Friis, and is the first development to be built in Copenhagen’s CleanTech Park.