The Linde Group has unveiled a fresh take on freezing solutions to help preserve the demand for par-baked goods.

The industrial gas giant has developed hygienically-designed cryogenic tunnel freezers and spiral freezers for commercial bakeries in the food and beverage industry.

A cryogenic tunnel freezer or a spiral freezer flash freeze food products using controlled blasts of liquid nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) immediately after baking. The quick freezing action preserves product quality and freshness.

With the addition of a simple, compact cryogenic freezer, mechanical holding freezers and ammonia freezers will be eradicated, enabling bakeries to deliver to a much larger network and on a continuous basis 

Mark DiMaggio, Head of Food & Beverage at Linde LLC, suggested that “bakeries can extend their distribution range and serve new retail segments” with this method.

Several advantages of using cryogenic over mechanical freezers include low capital investment, yield increase, and a higher throughput in less space.


Linde has a Food Safety Management System in place for all bulk CO2 plants and air separation facilities supplying the food and beverage industry in North America.