Next generation technology developed by Linde should help accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen-powered vehicles of all kinds.

Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company, is introducing ground-breaking technology that provides a safe, fast and efficient way to fuel hydrogen vehicles.

The Ionic Compressor is a compression system, it has been used extensively in Europe for cars and buses, and is now being introduced to North America for fork lift trucks.

Unlike conventional mechanical systems, the Ionic Compressor uses an ionic liquid in direct contact with hydrogen instead of a piston in the pressurising process.

“The Ionic Compressor is a step change in the area of hydrogen fueling,” said Michael McGowan, Head of Hydrogen Solutions for Linde North America.

“It is a high-efficiency, high-throughput, low-maintenance and low-noise compression solution.”

Coupled with Linde’s proprietary fueling protocol and advanced station design, the Ionic Compressor is part of a complete and compact compression storage and indoor dispensing solution for the hydrogen fuel cell fork lift truck market.

“We’re well beyond hydrogen-powered vehicles being a scientific curiosity,” added McGowan.

“The technology Linde has developed demonstrates that fueling these vehicles is a commercial reality, and, with increased emphasis on alternative fuels in the Stimulus bill, I think we’ll see commercialisation grow at a much faster pace over the next few years.”

Linde is also due to introduce another high-performance hydrogen fueler to the North American market; the HF-KTA hydrogen fueling station is a transportable system, first developed and commercialised in Europe, which is easy to deploy and can efficiently supply 350 bar and 700 bar hydrogen to vehicles.

“Linde is focused on finding ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions,” McGowan continued.

“Expanding our vehicle fueling capabilities in North America gives customers greater access to our strong hydrogen network and world-class engineering.”

Linde has equipped over 70 hydrogen fueling stations in 15 countries, supplying hydrogen for projects large and small.

Amounts supplied range from a few hundred cubic feet of compressed hydrogen in cylinders to thousands of tons of liquid and gaseous hydrogen delivered by tank truck or pipeline.