The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) awarded Linde North America for loyalty to the association since its founding in 1989.
Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, is one of the world’s largest hydrogen producers. Its award provider, the NHA, constitutes the largest global hydrogen technology trade association and was founded to encourage the development of hydrogen technologies and encourage its uptake in industrial, commercial and consumer sectors.
The award was presented during the NHA’s 21st annual conference at Long Beach, California. The federation’s President, Jeff Serfass, commended Linde for its founding membership and ongoing contribution to the association. He said, “The advances we made as an organisation could not have happened without the support of Linde.”
Bachmeier commented, “As a leader in the hydrogen fueling market in North America, Linde has been very active in the Association, having had at least one representative on the board of directors since the very beginning. I congratulate Linde North America for this achievement and thank the Linde employees who have contributed so much to the NHA over the past 20-plus years.”