The Linde Group’s HiQ Expert Team is preparing to turn the spotlight on gas metrology at forthcoming Spring and Summer trade-fairs.

The HiQ Expert Team will be presenting products related to gas metrology at the 14TH annual seminar for gas metrology standards later this month in the Czech Republic. The prestigious event which is organised by 2 THETA, is to take place from 23rd to 25th March in the city of Moravka.

Topics to be showcased include the REDLINE speciality gas equipment range in addition to the new GHS/CLP product safety labelling and classification system. The new classification system recently came into effect across Europe for pure gases, the ECOCYL and HiQ MINCAN. These portable cylinders are frequently used in environmental metrology or LEL/LFL explosimeter calibration and testing.

Meanwhile in May, the panel will return to the Czech Republic when it takes to the Association of authorised Laboratory for Measuring Emissions 2011 Exhibition (ALME). The event is scheduled to take place between 4th and 5th May and will see the ISO Guide 17025 accredited gas mixtures and the REDLINE gas control equipment on display. The team has also outlined plans to showcase the ECOCYL ultra-portable calibration gas cylinder. Similarly a presentation about these topics will also be made during the main conference session.

According to The Linde Group, both appearances by the HiQ Expert Team augment the company’s existing support of metrology in the Czech Republic.