Linde North America has revealed that its Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Mike McGowan, has been named Chairman of the National Hydrogen Association (NHA), the world’s largest hydrogen technology trade association.

The NHA’s 110-plus members include automakers, hydrogen suppliers, energy producers, and other technology providers, while it aims to promote the development and commercialisation of hydrogen technologies and use in both industrial and consumer applications.

During his two-year tenure as Chairman, McGowan is responsible for leading the NHA, through its members, to create a shared vision for the deployment of hydrogen technologies and expanding hydrogen infrastructure.

“It is a very appropriate time for the NHA to choose a chair from an industrial gases company. Our industry serves the entire spectrum of NHA membership, from automotive and bus fleet applications to folk lift trucks, back-up power systems and even micro-electronic devices. I am very proud and privileged to be chairing the NHA at such an exciting and pivotal juncture in the ongoing effort to make the promise of hydrogen a reality,” a clearly proud McGowan said.

McGowan has served on the NHA’s Board of Directors since its 2003 and on its executive committees. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the US Fuel Cell Council and for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Canada, where he also serves on the Executive Committee.