The official opening of Linde\\$quot;s grand new dedicated speciality and electronics gas plant in Suzhou, China took place on May 25, marking the start of a new era in China.

Just seventy kilometres outside of Shanghai, the Linde AG, Linde Gas Division \\$quot;“built a modern plant for the purification and filling of semiconductor grade gases and chemicals on an area of 35,000m² in the Suzhou High Tech Park.

With their new production facility, Linde is able to purify and fill a wide range of semiconductor grade gases and chemicals using specially developed techniques. This new facility houses five separate laboratories each designed for the specific requirements of the production area it will support. Electronic gases will be filled and blended in Clean Room conditions.

The new Linde production site maintains a separate special building for transfilling silane and the blending of silane gas mixtures. Linde is one of the first in China to offer silane and silane mixtures filling from bulk. The highest purity throughout the filling process is guaranteed and specific silane analysers assure quality control.

Linde´s new speciality gas production plant is also a fully capable site for the production and supply of high purity gas mixtures used in environmental, analytical, research, production and process control applications. These speciality gas products are utilized in many of China´s rapidly expanding manufacturing industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metal-working, lighting and automotive industries.

"This is an exciting step in Linde´s ongoing commitment to supply the dynamic and growing markets of China and Asia", commented Cliff Caldwell, General Manager of Speciality Gases & Chemicals for Linde. "Hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in Asia by the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world. These companies expect and deserve the same quality of products required by their processes to be produced and supported locally wherever they invest. Linde is delivering on their expectations with the completion of this world class electronic and specialty gas facility."