Today, The Linde Group’s division, Linde Gases has launched its new SOLVOX® OxyStream solution, a unique low-pressure oxygenation system to help significantly increase fish production.

Stefan Dullstein, Head of Industrial Segment Aquaculture & Water Treatment at Linde commented, “Linde has always played a pioneering role in gas technology within the food production and processing market.$quot;

He added, $quot;We are delighted to introduce such an effective and environmentally sustainable solution to combat the challenges of dissolving a sufficient amount of oxygen in very large tanks and distributing it evenly by creating an adjustable flow regime.”

The new technology accommodates the growing trend moving aquaculture production from sea cages to land-based sites. According to Linde it is a challenging environment and one which the new device is tailored towards.

It promises to dissolve the correct amount of oxygen in the inlet water flow, while it also distributes it evenly at an adjustable flow pattern throughout the tank. In a recent press statement Linde advocated this as, “ensuring fish stock physically benefit from exercise against the flow.” In which case, it is also beneficial that the flow can be adapted in order to meet the optimum needs of fish size, stock, density and species.

Furthermore, the unit combats the concentration of dissolved inert gases like nitrogen, argon and CO2. It pays particular attention to balancing over saturation of nitrogen which can precipitate disease and even death in fish stock.