Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has won a contract to install a REBOX® HLL oxyfuel system to a Swedish steel manufacturer in Borlänge, Sweden.
The new facility will build upon a smaller system which Linde installed in early 2009. Consequently, the final unit will represent the world’s largest oxyfuel combustion system in a reheat furnace and is scheduled for completion in January 2011.
SSAB is a global high strength steel producer which offers a production capacity of six million tonnes. Ronnie Högberg, Production and Site Manager at SSAB’s strip mill in Börlange, commented, “SSAB continuously aims to make its operations more efficient and decrease environmental impact. We are committed to use technologies that decrease fuel consumption and CO₂ and NOX emissions.$quot;
He added, $quot;Working in close co-operation with Linde’s steel reheating specialists, through laboratory tests and stepwise full-scale implementation, has created the trust and experience needed when taking on a new technology. REBOX® HLL has already been proven to be successful in Borlänge, and we are now taking a further step to gain additional benefits.”
The original REBOX® HLL system, offered 25 megawatts (MW) of power, and was installed in one of two zones within one of the 300 tonnes per hour walking beam furnaces at the Börlange mill. Following its successful operation, Linde Gases opted to extend the technology to the furnace’s second zone, as well as both zones within the other furnace. The combined oxyfuel installation will enable the Börlange plant to operate at 60-70 MW and will deliver operational improvements such as a 10% increase in through-put capacity, a reduction of fuel consumption by 15 percent, in addition to helping to decrease CO₂ and NOx emissions by as much as 15% and 25% respectively.