Sal Calandra, Head of Quality & Food Safety of Linde LLC, has been elected to the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) board of directors where he will serve for a minimum of three years.

“ISBT plays an important role in establishing guidelines for the beverage industry. As a member of the board, I look forward to engaging with others in the beverage and gases industries in responding to new challenges and opportunities,” said Calandra who chaired ISBT’s Beverage Gases Committee for the past four years. “I was also very pleased to see the Compressed Gas Association and the European Industrial Gases Association represented at ISBT this year. Collaboration between these organizations will be critical to further enhancing safety and quality for the beverage industry.”

The committee recently developed new quality guidelines for nitrogen that were published last month. Nitrogen is primarily used for non-carbonated beverage production. A single drop of liquid nitrogen added after beverage filling quickly expands as a gas to create a more rigid bottle. In addition to shipping advantages, this can also enable thinner-walled plastic bottles to reduce packaging and waste.

Calandra, who has been an active ISBT member since 2003, was one of three elected to the board at BevTech 2015. The international beverage industry conference was attended by about 40 percent of ISBT’s growing membership, according to ISBT Executive Director Larry Hobbs. ISBT is the premier technical society for the beverage industry, with more than 800 members worldwide. As the only international society dedicated solely to the scientific and technical aspects of soft drinks and beverages, ISBT provides a unique, non-competitive forum for networking with other experts in the field at a technical level.