Linde has started up its 470 tonne-per-day air separation plant in Lewisville, Arkansas. The plant, which produces liquid nitrogen and oxygen, was built to meet rapidly growing customer demand in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

There will be an open house event held at the site to celebrate the plant start-up, which is scheduled for 14th May.

“This plant gives us the size and operating efficiencies we need to support our top customers, who are experiencing exceptional growth in their businesses and who are poised for even more growth in the future,” said Pat Murphy, President of Linde LLC, a member of The Linde Group, a world leading gases and engineering company.

The gases produced at the plant will be delivered by tanker truck to food processors (the largest industrial employer in Arkansas) for freezing and chilling of a variety of meats, poultry, and a host of other products. The gas products will also serve the growing requirements by manufacturers of refined oil, petrochemicals, fine and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pulp and paper products.  

“Linde is bringing production capacity closer to our customers so we can improve their supply security and at same time reduce our own carbon footprint. Developing environmental solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions is part of Linde’s commitment to sustainability,” Murphy said.

By using the latest design technology from Linde Engineering, the plant uses the least amount of electricity possible to produce the gases. Linde also will require less fuel for its delivery trucks, since the plant is located closer to customers.