Linde’s Thailand HiQ Expert Team orchestrated a successful seminar into ISO benefits.
The seminar was held at Rayong, Thailand, on 30th November 2010 and saw more than 110 attendees gather from over 40 leading companies to participate.
The seminar objective was clear, to communicate the benefits of using ISO accredited calibration gas mixtures for calibration gas mixtures to customers in the petrochemical and automotive industries. Such mixtures are particularly important in terms of CEMS emissions monitoring systems, as well as in the laboratory for quality assessment and for on-line process control analysers.
The seminar was made still more prominent by two expert guest speakers, namely, K Pussadee Petchpiboon, Laboratory Accreditation Director and K Chanya Suttajinda, the Academic Standards Officer from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). Both individuals used the opportunity to discuss in detail ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. Other topics covered by the seminar included gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon mixtures with a focus towards production process and instrumentation applications.
Complimenting the seminar, participants enjoyed the benefits of booths which displayed safety products, instrumentation and laboratory equipment. In a company statement the firm depicted the importance of ISO accreditation. Thailand HiQ stated, “TIG expects the future requirements of customers will be ‘beyond standard gas’ to gas mixtures with ISO accreditation. TIG is proud to be able to manufacture these mixtures in Thailand for customers in Thailand and South East Asia.”