In recognition of its continuous support and commitment, Linde Electronics has awarded China-based Linggas, Ltd with the Linde Electronics Preferred Supplier Award for 2015.

Linggas, headquartered in Beijing, is one of the largest, independent manufacturers and marketers of specialty and electronic gases in the North Pacific rim country. The Tier One organisation honoured Linggas with the award in appreciation of its exceptional quality, safety, service and technology performance.

Linde audits its suppliers based on their technical and operational capabilities and implements processes to ensure the sustainability and reliability in its supply chain, as well as maintaining a continuous engagement and improvement programme with suppliers to stay abreast of industry trends and developing needs.

Highlighting the importance of Linggas’ support, Andreas Weisheit, Head of Linde Electronics, emphasised, “Suppliers play a critical role in our success in the Electronics business. Their commitment, continuous quality improvement and cost efficiency will enable us to work together to grow our business and continue our leading position in the global electronics market.”

Linggas previously won the Linde Electronics Most Improved Supplier Award in its 2013 global supplier performance awards.

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Exponential growth

Linde Electronics is an industry leader in gases for the electronics market, providing reliable, consistent and competitive electronic material products to semiconductor, display, solar and LED markets across the globe. Its portfolio includes highly specialised electronic specialty gases, bulk/pipeline gases, equipment and services. 

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, overall sales of industrial gases to the electronic sector in China made up 10% of the $9.1bn industry in 2015, with that amount set to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years.