The Linde Group announced today the launch of its LINSPRAY Arcmix solution, from its LINSPRAY® programme, to enable manufacturers to drastically enhance the quality and safety of thermal spraying.

LINSPRAY Arcmix reduces dust and fume levels, lowers oxide content, and achieves a deposit efficiency of more than 90%, representing another milestone for the Arc Spraying process as Linde continues to develop new materials, applications and technologies for a wide range of sectors and industries.

Werner Kroemmer, Applications Engineer for The Linde Group, commented,
“The biggest advantage of using the Arcmix for an optimal nitrogen mix is the considerable reduction in dust residue – a significant step for the environment and safety of people working with arc spraying.”

“By utilizing a nitrogen mix, LINSPRAY Arcmix makes it possible to obtain a precisely specified hardness and oxygen content to hugely improve bond strengths of sprayed coatings, while lowering porosity levels.”
The group’s LINSPRAY Arcmix product will be showcased, among other innovations, at the Linde booth at the International Thermal Spray Conference 2008 in Maastricht, The Netherlands during 2nd-4th June.