Stirling Cryogenics is reflecting on a successful case study of a liquid nitrogen plant installation, after The Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino in Reno, in the US saw its plant pass 10 years of operation.

The resort has been operating a Stirling 4 cylinder liquid nitrogen plant for over 10 years, without any problems, to produce liquid nitrogen for its special effects at the Edge nightclub, according to a statement on the Stirling Cryogenics website.

The plant produces over 40 litres of liquid nitrogen per hour and now operates around 14-18 hours per day, five days per week, which pushes the hour counter towards 48,000 hours during its lifetime.

This also means, according to Stirling Cryogenics, that the plant has produced more than two million litres (528,000 gallons) of liquid nitrogen and is still going strong.