The use of liquid nitrogen used to make ice cream is not new, but a group of college friends have launched India’s first ice cream made using liquid nitrogen.

The ice cream is sold under the brand name of Cherry Comet, from two outlets the company operates in Sangam Courtyard Mall, Delhi and DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon, both in National Capital Region (NCR).

Rohan Bajla, a former business consultant at American Express, Saransh Goyal, an investment banker with Deutsche Bank, and Anirudh Singh an SAS-certified engineer and part-time comic book writer, are the brains behind using liquid nitrogen in ice cream in India.

Explaning how it works, one of the partners said the liquid nitrogen has to reach a boiling point of -196.4ºC. When poured into the ice cream base the liquid nitrogen boils and turns to gas within seconds, drawing out the latent heat in the ice cream base.

This freezes the base, transforming it into ice cream instantly. Because this process is so fast, the ice crystals constituting the ice cream are much smaller than the ones in traditional ice creams – giving the ice cream a uniquely creamy and smooth texture, he adds.

The company says that it produces ice cream without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives using liquid nitrogen, and currently has 20 flavours on its menu.