The UK’s first dedicated clean cold technology R&D facility, run by Dearman, has taken delivery of an Air Products liquid nitrogen storage tank.

This is the working fluid in Dearman’s innovative engine technology, which is used to produce zero-emission power and cooling.

The company’s ground breaking new facility in Croydon is currently being fitted out and will open later this year. Complete with four bespoke test cells, it will be the centre of Dearman’s pioneering cold technology research, development and engineering activities. The first two test cells will be commissioned in the coming weeks, with the site being fully operational later this year. Projects in development include a zero-emission transport refrigeration system, a diesel-liquid air hybrid for buses, and a backup power and cooling system for buildings.

Michael Ayres, Group Managing Director, Dearman said, “The installation of the cryogenic storage tank is a real milestone for the engineering facility in Croydon, and for the company. We have set a precedent for developing innovative liquid air technology in a compressed time frame, and having our own premises in which to do this will enable us to pursue more projects at an ever-faster rate.”

“With the Dearman zero-emission transport refrigeration system going into commercial field trials later this year, we are excited about the potential of this cutting-edge facility and the company’s future.”

This latest development follows the announcement that on-vehicle trials of Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system have begun and are going well. The project is being run by a consortium, which includes Air Products and Dearman, as well as MIRA and Loughborough University.