There is less than one week remaining to wait until will be providing live text and picture-based coverage from EIGA’s Winter session – held in Brussels, Belgium.

The coverage will begin on Wednesday 28th of January, at when the presentations will commence - delivered by key members from the industrial gases sector.

Air Products’ John Duggan will be addressing a pertinent topic for all to consider – focusing on his role at the company of leading Product Safety. Duggan states that “over the past two to three years” he had become “increasingly aware of a rising prevalence for the use of industrial products in more consumer orientated end uses” and the “potential harm this could cause in cases of misuse”.

Duggan, who is Chairman of the EIGA Product Safety group, said, “I will be presenting a paper which will introduce a recommended risk assessment methodology for such near-consumer uses. These near-consumer uses potentially expose members of the public to our products (in some cases intentionally exposing them) and are characterised by being undertaken in non-industrial occupational settings (e.g. retail space, night club, sports centre, health spa), often with no external storage available / limited internal space. In addition, they may be operated and managed by staff that is non-industrial, technically inexperienced and/or transient with highly variable levels of hazard awareness and training within organisations of uncertain safety culture.”

“Since Air Products is sponsoring this year’s seminar and its topic is ‘Product Safety’ I have also had the pleasure of chairing the Seminar Organising Committee. As with all my prior experiences with working on EIGA working groups, I have always been impressed with the efficiency and positivity with which the EIGA team support its members. I have also always been impressed with the level of commitment and cooperation across our fellow member companies with regard to issues of common interest related to regulatory compliance and product stewardship for the greater good of the industry as a whole and for the benefit of our customers.”

Joining Duggan as a presenter at this year’s Winter Session is Air Liquide’s Antonio Lima –who will be highlighting ‘Safe use of oxygen equipment at home’, understandably due to the company’s strong engagement in the healthcare sector of the industry.

Lima, who is Chairman of EIGA’s Homecare working group, stated, “The Winter Seminar is an opportunity to attend and learn from presentations about Product Safety and to exchange with experts on different topics about the practices of the industry. This year we are having topics linked to use of equipment by ‘health-compromised’ patients; liquid oxygen systems; good Homecare practices or hygienic reprocessing of respiratory Homecare devices.”

“This last topic will be presented by the Chairman of the division for respiratory therapy in the Home Healthcare environment of Spectaris. Spectaris is the representative body in the areas of medical technology, optical technologies and analytical, biological, laboratory, and ophthalmic devices, which pools the interest of around 400 member companies in Germany.”

“I am glad to have the opportunity to present the topic on the safe use of oxygen equipment at home where I intend to briefly describe how the Homecare Service Provider can provide a safe use and handling of medical oxygen therapy supply systems, whatever the source of oxygen prescribed by the medical community to their patients. We hope that the participants leave with a better understanding of our extensive experience and may enrich the discussions about the safety of our products and services.”

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