Outgoing GAWDA President Jenny McCall passed the baton to Lloyd Robinson today at the closing session of the GAWDA 66th Annual Convention, held in Maui, Hawaii.

Robinson is President of New York-based AWISCO, and was GAWDA's Vice President over the past year.

Robinson took to the stage to make his first speech as GAWDA President, following an introduction from his father, Bernie Robinson.

The incoming president expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership between GAWDA and the American Welding Society (AWS), which he said would bring many benefits to GAWDA's members over the coming months.

McCall takes her seat as the first female past president, and was thanked by her committee for her hard work, in particular in connection with the GAWDA-AWS link-up.

The past year saw many members of GAWDA weathering tough economic conditions, but McCall commented that they had $quot;shot the curl$quot; and emerged $quot;safe and healthy, ready to face the future with confidence.$quot;