Australia Pacific LNG’s Gladstone project centre is officially open.
In recent weeks Queensland Premier, the Hon. Anna Bligh, joined representatives to mark the official opening of the centre. Noteable attendees included Origin’s Managing Director, Grant King as well as ConocoPhilips’ President and Chief Operating Officer, John Carrig.

The centre is designed to serve as an office for Project employees whilst also acting as educational centre for the Gladstone section of the Australia Pacific LNG project. The facility which changes coal seam natural gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) is jointly owned by the Australian company Origin and the US oil and gas producer ConocoPhilips.

The project will straddle gas fields in the Surat and Bowen Basins via a 450 km pipeline to a final LNG facility on Curtis Island off Gladstone.
The overall scheme received significant authority backing. Premier Anna Bligh commented, “Our government is serious about facilitating the LNG industry and realising the thousands of jobs it offers in Gladstone and right throughout the Surat Basin. This centre will be a place for employees but also a place for the public to learn more about what the industry has to offer the region.”

Bligh illustrated enthusiasm for developing LNG resources, saying, “I am delighted to see our LNG industry becoming a reality. This sustainable new industry has a lot to offer Queensland and I am excited for the future of LNG in this State.”

ConocoPhilips’ Carrig responded, “The support of the government at all levels will be important for this industry to reach its full potential here in Australia. We are looking forward to a long relationship with the State Government, Local Government and, most importantly, those of you who live here, our community.$quot;

$quot;This office for us symbolises our commitment to being here for the long run, and we look forward to working with the Federal government to assess the RSPT and find a solution that supports development of this important gas resource.”