All aspects of the small-scale LNG supply chain will be illustrated and analysed by some of the most important world experts at the Small-Scale LNG Use, Euro-Mediterranean Conference and Expo next year.

Celebrating its 5th year, the event will be held in May 2020 in Naples, and will showcase LNG trucks, tankers and cryogenic tanks.

Promoted by ConferenzaGNL and organised by Mirumir, the international initiative will provide the latest information about LNG end uses and the opportunity to meet all the stakeholders involved in the LNG sectors: maritime, road, railroad, space, both regional and urban transport services and isolated grids and industries.

The first plenary session held on the morning of 15th May will focus on the LNG role in a sustainable energy transition. A special session entitled ‘Who to supply the LNG market?’ will be held in the early afternoon.

Two sessions on ‘heavy road transportations and railway transportation’ and ‘maritime transportation’ will follow in parallel. The plenary session of 16th May aims to investigate the role of LNG in Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region, taking into account also the Middle East and Africa.

The institutional round table with ministerial and institutional representatives coming from the Mediterranean area that will follow, will focus on how to promote the LNG final uses in this region. Representatives from European Commission, OME, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Egypt will attend the Roundtable also thanks to the international network held by WEC Italy.

The two parallel sessions of the afternoon will be dedicated to the environmental aspects of the sector, with mini-liquefaction and ‘renewable LNG’ as key issues of the first session, and technological innovation as a key issue of the second one.

For the first time in a conference on LNG, the discussion will deal also with LNG use as propellent for space carriers.

The event will be held from 15th to 16th May (2020) in Mostra d’Oltremare Conference Centre.