EEN Clean Fuels is the new name for LNG Europe – siting “better clarification” as its reasoning for the decision.

This name states clearly what the company does and why. ENN Energy Ltd. (Hong Kong listed) is a global company that is a promoter of modern energy systems and wishes to be even more a respected global clean energy company. Whilst energy transforms globally to be produced and offered in less polluting, less carbonised and to contribute positively to a better world.

ENN has been doing this since 1986, in one of the most air-polluted regions in China (Hebei Provence) in providing cleaner natural gas (LNG) to households and industrial customers as well having taxi companies and road transport change to CNG and LNG.

Mr. Wang Yusuo, Chairman of ENN, said, ”As the world grapples with the twin challenges of providing ever more energy to sustain progress and repairing the damaged environment, people are realising that the old way is no longer the right way.”

“Random exploitation, ossified production and low-efficiency energy utilisation are in need of urgent reform. The world needs smart new ways of producing energy and that is what ENN is about. A new era that taps the vast resource of human ingenuity to develop innovative methods of producing energy is upon us, and ENN is helping to lead the way. “

Yusuo concluded, “The new norm in energy production aims to allow humanity and nature to once again co- exist in a more harmonious manner.”

ENN Clean Fuels is now to increase its presence in North West Europe by offering state of the art solutions for the use of LNG to support the supply of natural (bio) gas as prime energy/fuel source to improve the vision of becoming a cleaner and efficient energy user.