State-run utility Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has embarked on a technology innovation by commissioning a pilot project offering ‘LNG at the doorstep’ for use in captive power and industrial furnace applications.

The new initiative has been introduced with the technological support of Chart Industries and as the purest form of natural gas, LNG’s high energy density is essential for use in such industrial applications.

The project offers LNG to customers located away from natural gas pipelines at their doorstep and IOC officials believe the new technology could cater to the huge unfulfilled requirements of natural gas customers in areas not connected by pipeline.

B.M. Bansal, director of Planning & Business Development, is reported to have indicated that the new project is only the first among many technology innovations LNG marketing was likely to see in India.

An LNG import terminal near Chennai and city gas distribution projects are on the agenda, in partnership with GAIL of India and the Great Eastern Energy Corporation.