The opportunity exists for the industrial gas business to supply cryogenic technology and equipment for LNG applications in Latin America, according to the outlook of Cryogenic Industries’ Arturo Martinez.

Speaking at the gasworld South & Central America Conference 2009, Martinez told delegates of his belief that LNG is a more attractive option to CNG as an alternative fuel.

The transportation of this provides business opportunities for the industrial gas community, he suggests, while this is especially relevant in the emerging LNG markets in South America.

Martinez explained, “The ability to transport LNG as a bulk package, especially in Brazil where this is an emerging market, creates an opportunity for the gases companies to provide technology and equipment.”

“Why cryogenics play a major role in the fuels market is because of the handling, the cost of a pipeline versus transportation is quite different. Plus the benefit of natural gases as fuels are high energy and low emissions, as we’ve heard in the last couple of days.”

Martinez went on to extol the virtues of LNG compared to its alter ego CNG, and alluded to the processes through which cryogenic gases equipment is utilised.

He tod delegates, “LNG has low emissions, it’s much purer, it’s 80% lower in cost than CNG and it’s fleet friendly - predominant users are fleet operators, for transit, school buses, trucks and refuse trucks.”

“In the case of CNG the fuel is supplied by a pipeline and requires a compressor to transfer through pressure to the vehicle. With LNG you don’t need to do the compression, you can simply pump it into the vehicles.”

Numerous other business opportunities have been highlighted during the conference, including the potential that lies in the Latin American mining and metals industry, and the chance to become involved in the region’s gases business as it continues to grow and benefits from infrastructure development as a growth driver.

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