At a press conference in Abuja, Nigeria, Tony Attah, Managing Director Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) announced that the company had signed Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) with three other Nigerian companies.

The agreement is set to supply the Nigerian domestic market with 1.1 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year.

The deal involves three companies from all across the energy sector, Asiko Power Limited, Bridport Energy Limited, and Gas-Plus Synergy Limited, and is expected to boost gas supply to power, industries, and domestic use.

Speaking about the agreement, Attah said, “With Nigeria’s enormous gas reserves, I am not in doubt that with the right drive from the government and the support of corporate organisations, we as a nation can stand with our head held high to be counted among major players.”

“The government has demonstrated its readiness to take the gas sector to the next level by declaring this decade our nation’s Decade of Gas.”

With the ongoing LNG Train 7 project paving the way for the future of LNG in Nigeria, Attah also spoke about the value of both the Domestic LNG Scheme and Train 7.

He said, “In addition to the Domestic LNG Scheme, we have the ongoing Train 7 project with the capacity to attract about $10bn in foreign direct investment.”

“May I stress again that this is a collaborative effort, and the active participation of all stakeholders will be required for us as a nation to reach the Promised Land and to attain the dream of economic expansions, industrialisation, and improved opportunities for all Nigerians, flying on wings of gas. It is time for gas.”

NLNG aim to promote the use of cleaner energy in order to both reduce the environmental impact and to protect the health of the country’s citizens.