Voting is expected to take place this week to decide whether AES will be granted its proposal to build a liquefied natural gas terminal and an 88-mile pipeline.

The AES Corporation is one of the world’s leading energy companies.

The company plans to construct, own, and operate a liquefied natural gas import and re-gasification facility, located at the Sparrows Point Industrial Complex near Baltimore, Maryland.

The new facility will interconnect with existing gas pipelines for interstate gas pipelines at a point near Eagle, Pennsylvania, via the Mid-Atlantic Express, LLC pipeline.

According to AES, the new pipeline will be approximately 88-miles in length, and will be routed along existing utility corridors to the maximum extent possible.

Additional connections will be allowed along the route for local gas distribution companies and other entities.

Sources say the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is expected to vote on the proposal this week, despite attempts by environmental organisations to delay the process.

Concerns about an endangered bat and a threatened turtle have caused the US Fish and Wildlife Service to try to halt proceedings.

In a letter to the FERC, the Wildlife Service asked the commission to withhold certification of the project until the habitat issues are resolved.

Community leaders and local state and federal officials have also protested, questioning the proximity of the plant and pipeline to homes and expressing concerns about security surrounding LNG transport.

On a more positive note, the project is expected to generate over 400 jobs and reduce energy costs in Maryland.