An educational video about liquefied natural gas is to air on television stations throughout the United States.

‘Spotlight on LNG’ has been sponsored by The Centre for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) as part of its continued effort to enhance public education and understanding about LNG.

The five-minute video provides views with basic facts about LNG by explaining what it is, how it is used, and how it helps to meet America’s clean energy needs.

It includes an LNG demonstration performed by CNLG’s President, Bill Cooper, in which he safely extinguishes a burning cigarette in a beaker filled with LNG to illustrate the fact that it is not flammable or explosive in its liquid state.

Cooper said, “The Spotlight On LNG video will provide the public with an unbiased educational overview of LNG and hopefully dispel some of the myths out there about this clean, safe and essential fuel.”

He continued, “With US LNG imports expected to increase through 2030, the public deserves to hear the unvarnished facts about a fuel source that will help to generate electricity, and warm and cool their homes for years to come.”

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