Local employees at Air Products in the UK have received a company award and donated the winnings to The Petty Pool Trust, who provide further education and residential facilities for young people with disabilities.

At the first ever Charitable Excellence Awards, held at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, UK, Air Products rewarded employees and their chosen charities for their charitable efforts in the community.

Prize money of £250 is to be donated to The Petty Pool Trust for their ongoing activity along with the UK and Ireland Healthcare Team.

“Air Products has been a real inspiration and because of the help we have received we are now able to firmly be on the map in Cheshire. We are very pleased to have been chosen as Air Products charity and the money used will help go towards the education of young people at the centre,” expressed Peter Evans MBE, Chief Executive of the Petty Pool Trust.

The activity and award is part of a plan to build a long-term relationship with Petty Pool and further visits are planned in the coming months to continue maintenance projects, including painting the centre’s buildings.

Jay Shingler, UK and Ireland Healthcare Communications Associate, commented,
“Our support and work with PP has just started and we look forward to many happy and productive days in the future.”