Lockhouse and TrackAbout have produced new Universal Labels to help streamline the industrial gas supply chain.

The first Universal Labels will be deployed in partnership with Norris Cylinder and their customers, which include Red Ball Oxygen, S.J. Smith and more.

The Universal Label contains a barcode, QR code, and human readable with checksum code so that asset information can more readily be accessed by product owners and technicians, in more formats, in real time.

For example, Norris cylinders will arrive pre-labelled with two identical labels, barcoded and ready for entry into their customer’s tracking or other business system. Cylinders arrive with corresponding data file containing attributes for all labelled cylinders. The shared data process is supported by TrackAbout who will assist Norris customers importing the data file. No onsite labelling or manual data entry necessary.

For any additional manual data entry in the field, errors are greatly reduced with the built-in human readable checksum validation. End users in the field can also access critical information about the cylinder via the QR code: safety info, original test data, etc. from Norris via the Lockhouse search/recovery engine.

Options for customers to add their own logo to the label and add their own company’s critical information about their cylinders via the QR code are also available to Norris customers.

Michael Rollins, Global Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Norris Cylinder, said, “Universal Labels will profoundly impact the supply chain and help our customers and their end users get easy, always available and digitally enabled cylinder data and critical information they need in order to be more efficient and successful.”

Craig Harris, Vice-President, Operations, Red Ball Oxygen, stated, “These [Universal Labels] are great and we think our associates and end users are going to really like having easier access to cylinder information.”