Asset management specialist Lockhouse has developed multiple innovation and development partnerships with other industry majors to improve the industrial gas supply chain.

Along with sister company TrackAbout, Lockhouse has teamed up with Chart Industries, Norris Cylinder and Gateway Cylinder to use the evolution of automation to take the waste out of the cylinder and tank supply chains. The alliances will focus on cryogenic tanks, gas cylinders and re-testing operations, respectively.

TrackAbout will be evolving ‘Linked Exchange’ with Chart and Norris by barcoding new products and sending electronic attributes of products to customers for easy and accurate initialisation. This means that the products will be automatically entered into customers’ tracking and business systems.

Lockhouse is also partnering with Chart and Norris to register new and legacy products into its search engine for easy access to critical information about products, improving safety and productivity and helping to locate damaged, lost or stolen assets. This development will also arrange recovery conversations between owner and operator.

TrackAbout will also evolve the ‘Linked Exchange’ concept under its partnership with Gateway, meaning that cylinders and tanks going into re-testing will be automatically initialised into the company’s re-tester tracking system and then back into the customer’s tracking system once the testing is complete.

Michael Rollins, Global Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Norris, said that this concept is “exactly the kind of convenience” its customers have been requesting and added, “Linked Exchange creates an electronic envelope around our products and makes them easy to add to our customer’s tracking or other information system.”

Tyler Stousland, Product Manager, Telemetry at Chart, highlighted, “Our customers need instant digital information at the use point of our products. Lockhouse is helping us accommodate the new requirements of our end users where easy and fast access to information is essential.”