Bo Hansson, CEO at LogiCO2 International AB, described how the use of CO2 sensors is vital for the fire brigade, at gasworld’s latest webinar, CO2: Use It, Don’t Lose It and Monitor.

LogiCO2 produce a range of CO2 monitoring and safety devices as well as training and certifying their partners around the world.

Hansson said, “Fire engines, they need to have a Scout on every fire engine that that exists because they don’t today.”

The LogiCO2 Scout is a ball that can connect wireless to a smartphone app to alert the user of the CO2 levels in the area.

It is described as a ‘revolutionary CO2-detector [that] can be rolled into a basement or other risk area. The Scout will indicate if there is a dangerous concentration in the area. This way nobody needs to enter the risk area and risking their own health.’

Hanson continued, “Today, they [fire fighters] have all the oxygen sensors, they have all these types of electromechanical sensors, electric, and they don’t have for CO2.”

“And CO2 is one of the great dangers for firefighters. So for them to be able to go to a restaurant when there’s a problem and just throw in the ball and get the situation under control, and they know exactly if they need to use a smoke evacuator and they throw down the hose and it sucks out all the CO2 to make it safe before they enter.”

To watch the full CO2: Use It, Don’t Lose It and Monitor webinar in full click here.