Underlining its involvement in the clean fuels of the future, it’s been revealed that Air Products has secured a £3.4m contract with the Transport for London, to supply hydrogen fuel for the capital's planned fleet of hydrogen buses and to build and maintain the necessary hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

The contract covers the cost of installing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to power ten hydrogen buses, due to enter service by 2010. Air Products will also supply the hydrogen fuel, though the cost of the fuel will be determined by market rates when the buses enter into service and the volume of hydrogen has also yet to be confirmed.

Air Products supply more than 50% of the world's merchant hydrogen, including distributing and handling hydrogen at the company’s own facilities, on the road, through pipelines and at its customer’s facilities - operating over 60 gaseous and liquid hydrogen production plants worldwide.

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, reflected enthusiastically, “The announcement of a hydrogen supplier for London's planned hydrogen bus fleet is an important step forward in our plans for the use of hydrogen as a 'fuel of the future'. Using hydrogen in the capital's bus fleet will improve London's air quality and will not produce harmful emissions that are causing catastrophic climate change.”

Richard Boocock, Air Products' Vice President, Tonnage Gases Europe & Middle East, said, “We are very proud to become part of the team delivering one of the most significant investments in hydrogen technology and transportation in Europe.”