The London Hydrogen Partnership has visited fuel cell manufacturing and operating sites in Germany as part of a fact-finding mission before it considers whether to buy the technology.

Delegates from the partnership, which includes London borough energy departments alongside commercial developers and consultants, visited MTU CFC Solutions' fuel cell manufacturing plant in Munich, with the company highlighting the benefits of fuel cell technology and the fuels available to power them.

This was followed by a visit to an MTU fuel cell installation at a fermentation treatment facility in Stuttgart, where biogas was being used to generate electricity for the facility.

The group also visited a hydrogen refuelling station run by the Linde Group in order to see the development of hydrogen delivery infrastructure in Germany.

Delegates appeared enthused with the examples of hydrogen and fuel cell technology they were presented with, with Edward Parry of the London Borough Energy Group saying: $quot;We'll certainly be putting the case for a fuel cell at one of our sites.$quot;