Air Products has announced it has entered into a long-term contract to supply nitrogen to Hynix Semiconductor Inc. in Korea.

It is noted that the nitrogen would be supplied to a new back-end test and packaging fab, which Hynix is constructing in the Cheongju Industrial Complex, North Chungcheong Province, Korea.

David Price, regional vice president and general manager of Asia Electronics, Air Products, said of the deal, “This contract underscores our commitment to expanding infrastructure locally to complement the business plans of our customers so as to provide a more cost-effective and reliable supply to the Asia region, which is the largest and fastest growing market for electronics.”

“This project will further enhance Air Products’ position in the memory segment of the semiconductor industry, which is forecast to grow by up to 20% annually over the next five years,” Price continued.

Meanwhile, Basel-based company Lonza Group AG has revealed it has ended its distribution partnership with Air Products of North America, regarding the marketing of Lonzacure M-CEDA products.

Lonzacure M-CEDA is used in high performance cast polyurethane applications and the Swiss science group has said that in future it will market the product directly in North America.