M1 Engineering has achieved market leading nitrogen payloads combined with a low centre of gravity in a major new breakthrough.

The new 'oblique cone' model of the Aluminium CARRYMORE is designed for a 44Te GVW operation at a capacity of 36,500 litres. It is entirely constructed from aluminium including both the inner and outer vessel.

Additionally, the new Nitrogen service CARRYMORE has been designed and constructed in accordance with the latest TPED regulations.

Commenting on the tanker, M1E Managing Director Peter Fox said, \\$quot;This latest edition to the CARRYMORE range puts M1E at the leading edge of the market. We are proud to be offering trailers with the highest payload capability in Europe\\$quot;.

The tare weight of this Aluminium CARRYMORE is just 8900 kg including a pump and flow meter. It has an oblique cone design to give a low centre of gravity and improved stability. M1 Engineering first produced this type of cryogenic trailer design in the early 1980’s and has been successfully developed ever since. It has been designed using proven technology, and is based on M1E’s experience of working with aluminium cryogenic trailers dating back more than 30 years.

It has fully stainless steel welded valves and piping construction. As with the whole CARRYMORE range, this unit is designed for ease of maintenance and to minimise whole life operational costs.