Peak Scientific, a gas generation specialist for the laboratory sector, has launched a Lost & Found initiative to help reconnect with ‘lost’ generators in the US.

Via the scheme, the UK-based manufacturer is on a drive to reconnect with end-users of their gas generators that may have previously been sold onto the North America market through third party vendors.

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Source: Peak Scientific

Peak aims to update its national register by ‘finding’ any generators that have not had their unique serial numbers and manufacturer warranty registered via the corporation’s website.

Currently, the company estimates that there could be several hundreds of these unregistered Peak generators operating in laboratories throughout the country that are not benefitting from direct Peak maintenance and after-care.

Billy Myers, Chief Commercial Officer – Service, explained, “Reconnecting with these generators will allows us to provide the exceptional onsite customer service that Peak is renowned for and keep our customers’ generators operating at their best.”

The Lost & Found initiative will run until the end of June. Peak is running promotional incentives alongside the initiative, including Amazon offers and Peak Protected service packages.