While the world’s attention may be on the Formula One cars setting pulses racing at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, engines revved up for a very different kind of car show as some of the greenest cars in the world turned up at the Eden Project for the second Sexy Green Car Show event.

Building on the success of last year’s first-ever show, the Eden Project opened the Co-operative Insurance Eden Sexy Green Car Show with an array of the most energy efficient vehicles available to consumers today.

What began as a somewhat overcast summer morning, blossomed into life as the curtain of cloud raised, the sun emerged and the crowds descended on the Bodelva site in Cornwall, UK. Keeping a keen eye for any hydrogen-powered cars, gasworld attended the show and was pleased to see the first public UK outing of the Morgan LIFECar, the fuel cell-powered electric sports car built by Morgan Motor Company and produced in partnership with BOC among other company’s.

Four stacks of fuel cells convert hydrogen fuel into electricity to run an efficient motor generator attached to each wheel, while energy recovered during braking is stored in ultra capacitors and the vehicle delivers 0-60mph in around seven seconds.

Among the plethora of bio-fuel and energy efficient vehicles on show from manufacturers such as Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Volkswagon and Saab, there was also room for displays from Lotus and Honda, with the Japanese car giant showcasing its hydrogen-powered technology and demonstrating the feasibility of its FCX Clarity vehicle.

The Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel, as featured in gasworld news in March, was proudly exhibited at the home of the biomes and wowed onlookers with its slick shape. Equally as stylish and attractive as the Morgan LIFECar, the Exige blends the panache, class and va-va-voom of the Lotus brand with unique technology which utilises atmospheric CO2.

Emerging and advanced technologies allow alcohol-based fuels such as methanol to be made synthetically from CO2 and hydrogen extracted from the atmosphere. This ensures that the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-fuel is not only a green car but also, ultimately a 100% environmentally-neutral vehicle that runs on the traffic's CO2 emissions.

British company Axon Automotive showed its green credentials at the event with the launch of its yet-to-be-named eco-friendly hatchback, which it claims will be the most sustainable on the road and capable of 100 miles per gallon with sub-80g per kilometre CO2 emissions.

Eden’s Gus Grand, Director of the Co-operative Insurance Eden Sexy Car Show, enthused, “We were really proud to see the launch of the Axon Automotive company last year with their Eco-M and its incredibly exciting to be able to launch their new model at Eden this year.$quot;

The Axon vehicle features a carbon fibre body to create a lightweight product and while the majority of other manufacturers are focusing on alternative fuel technologies, the British firm is producing a conventionally-fuelled car with reduced weight and excellent aerodynamics.

Visitors flocked to the Eden Project on the show’s opening day and all these cars and much more can be experienced at the attraction from 23rd – 31st May 2008.