Dansensor, an individual business unit of MOCON Inc., has developed a new leak testing system aimed at food processors to erase potential micro leaks in individual modified atmosphere packages (MAP).

The LeakProtego is fully automated and the first of its kind, detecting leaks at lower levels than ever before to improve package integrity and shelf life monitoring.

The Denmark-based corporation’s new system uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a trace gas to detect leaks down to 50 microns – just 0.002 of an inch. Its technology is based on modular units which can test up to 12 packages per minute.

Dansensor leak protego

Dansensor’s LeakProtego is a fully-automated leak testing system for MAP.

These modules provide processors with crucial information, such as individual leak size and rate, so that production line modifications can be made more efficiently.

Karsten Keilhof, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at MOCON, underlined, “Leaks degrade shelf life, compromise product safety and negatively impact brand image. We wanted to further develop a concept that provides food processors with package integrity information further upstream to facilitate cost savings.”

The LeakProtgeo will be officially unveiled at the IFFA tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany, from 7th-12th May.