Nottingham-based Luxfer Gas Cylinders, manufacturer of aluminium and composite gas cylinders, is investing £500,000 into its East Midlands site, as it celebrates over 120 years of trading.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders will soon be expanding its base on Colwick Industrial Estate; which currently employs more than 200 people from the region.

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The major cash injection will boost Luxfer’s alternative fuel team, which has increased its production over the past 12 months of bespoke CNG and hydrogen (H2)-power systems for buses and other types of commercial vehicles. It will also bring up to 10 new roles to the business, as well as investment in new manufacturing equipment.

The company boasts six sites around the globe including Nottingham; Graham, North Carolina; Riverside, California; Gerzat, France; Shanghai, China; and Calgary, Canada. In addition, Luxfer is involved in joint ventures in Oklahoma, USA and Delhi, India.

Across its international manufacturing sites, the company has stepped in to provide its innovative products for several high-profile collaborations, including:

The effort to rescue 33 miners in Chile in 2010, after they were trapped 2,300 ft underground following a shock collapse

  • 400 SCBA cylinders which were supplied to the diving team as part of the rescue mission of the Thai football team earlier this year
  • 26 cylinders manufactured by Luxfer in Nottingham and Grantham are currently in use on the Mercy Ships; a hospital ship which travels the world offering free medical treatment for terminally ill patients in developing nations
  • Supporting ‘Under the Pole’, a series of innovative underwater explorations focusing on the poles and ocean conversation
  • Supplying H2 gas cylinders for the Energy Observer; the world’s first H2 water vessel that, over six years, is undertaking a scientific global mission exploring alternative fuels and energies.

David Sparkes, Operations Director at Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited, commented, “Luxfer is proud to have over 120 years of history and heritage in the industry, and part of that huge success is having quality and innovation at the very heart of what we do.” 

“The £500,000 investment into our Nottingham site will help drive the business forward, allowing us to respond to increasing demand in industries such as alternative fuel, which is a significant growth market given the global focus on reducing emissions. Luxfer is seen to be crucial partner with companies developing this this emerging technology,” he concluded. 

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