Luxfer Gas Cylinders is a leading name in lightweight high-pressure cylinder technology and has a long history of combining safety and performance.

Established in 1898, Luxfer has grown to become a worldwide industry leader in life-support cylinders for firefighters, emergency personnel and industrial users of self-contained breathing apparatus.

The company continues to develop lightweight cylinders in response to increasing demand for ergonomically designed equipment that combines low weight with high performance. The company offers one of the broadest ranges of aluminium and composite gas cylinders.

Luxfer medical cylinders are lightweight alternatives to traditional steel equivalents, combining weight savings with strength and extended gas delivery. The company's aluminium cylinders are up to 50 percent lighter, and its composite-wrapped products up to 70 percent lighter, than conventional steel cylinders.

These cylinders are already in global widespread use in respiratory therapy, resuscitation and hospital theatres where maximum efficiency is essential without risk of physical strain or injury. Luxfer is extremely proud of its cylinders' excellent safety record.

Introduced in England in 1958, Luxfer's cylinders sold by the thousands and then by the millions. Bythe 1970s, the company was expanding its operations to serve global markets and reinvesting profits to advance the industry. Using composite materials developed by NASA, Luxfer developed an innovative process for mass-producing cylinders that are even lighter and more heat-resistant than standard aluminium cylinders.

Composite cylinders can accept higher charging pressures, which lets end-users carry more gas in a given volume and work more safely while carrying high-pressure gases in extreme environments.

Today Luxfer's aluminium and composite cylinders are used by high-pressure gas suppliers around the globe, an indication of their reliability and quality.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders serves customers in major gas markets, including medical, life support, beverage, fire, scuba, fire extinguishers, inflation, CNG and specialty gases offering a wide range of high-pressure aluminium and composite gas cylinder products.

Luxfer has grown to be a world leader in product quality and safety, with innovative programs for many of the markets it serves. And with well over 40 million cylinders already in service in more than 50 countries, Luxfer Gas Cylinders can justifiably claim to be setting a standard worldwide.