Three ZeroSetTM mobile hydrogen (H2) fuel cell generators from Luxfer-GTM Technologies provided zero-emission electrical power for the Super Bowl fan village, whilst the tournament took place last week.

The ZeroSet-Generation 3 unit provided continuous power for eight days and is the only portable, zero-emission power generator on the market that is capable of such an extended run time. Ordinarily, the generators can produce electricity for up to 18 days or longer of continuous power, depending on the duty cycle and fuel cylinder configuration.

The unit uses 350 bar (5,000 psig) Luxfer lightweight composite cylinders, is fully portable and can provide energy for a diverse range of applications, such as back-up power and portable cell tower deployments.

The ZeroSet-Generation provides a 60% operating efficiency compared to traditional gas or diesel generators, and is also compatible with a second 5kW fuel cell that can double its power output.

The final of the NFL contest saw the Denver Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers, 24-10.


Luxfer-GTM Technologies, based in San Francisco in the US, is a joint venture between Luxfer Gas Cylinders and GTM Technologies. It was one of the first companies to offer composite cylinder gas transports in the States and Asia and it has become a leader as one of the largest gas transport module manufactures in the world.