Lydall Performance Materials has recently commissioned a Cryogenic Application Development Lab in its Green Island, New York facility in the US, set to enhance its product capability under actual-use cryogenic conditions.

With the unique capability afforded by the new state-of-the-art lab, Lydall expects to be able to not only deliver the required temperature performance, but also design new products which offer improved processing features.

Advancing the development of new products will therefore address cost issues, so often a concern of tanks and piping manufacturers alike.

Lydall Performance Materials has long been a supplier of high performance cryogenic insulation products to global original equipment manufacturers. The company’s industry recognised products have been used to insulate a multitude of different tank sizes , ranging from small portable O2 dewars to large LNG transport tank trailers.

Under a ‘Space Act Agreement’ with NASA, the new Lydall lab will utilise NASA Kennedy Space Centre’s patented Cryostat-2.