Flow-Cal has attracted the business of Lyondell Chemical Company, which has selected FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids for their Houston-based Equistar Pipeline, which is one of the largest producers of ethylene and propylene in the United States.

Lyondell selected FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids as the trusted measurement source for all of their liquids products. Flow-Cal’s liquids system will automate their measurement data collection by replacing their manual spreadsheets, now managing all data electronically through one centralised system.

With over 1,400 miles of pipeline in Texas and Louisiana that transport roughly 20 billion pounds of product and 35 million barrels of feedstock annually, Lyondell’s Equistar Pipeline needed an electronic method to increase efficiency in processing their liquids products. Even with 250 tanks and 500 meters, Lyondell was able to reach a goal to move from a five-day close with their manual, internal-based system to a two-day close with the implementation of FLOWCAL Liquids. 

“Lyondell is able to utilise the full FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids system for their hourly periodic values to ensure integrity for each batch that is processed,” said Duane Harris, Flow-Cal’s Vice President of Sales and Support. “One of the greatest benefits they have gained is the ability to observe inventory calculations by product and view reports on a daily basis. Being able to view data more quickly and in different resolutions allows Lyondell to work more efficiently, further improving their operations.”

With FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids, Lyondell will also gain automated exception reporting, advanced validity checks and comprehensive system balance to help in identifying unaccounted for product loss. Additionally, the FLOWCAL Liquids package provides source quality management and a directory of calculation methods to support all liquid products, while maintaining an audit trail that meets the API Chapter 21.2 requirements.