m-tech gmbh originated from the German high-pressure valve manufacturer müller co-ax ag, one of the leading suppliers of metallic high pressure valve equipment in the world. Our group has a substantial experience of more than 45 years in valve production in numerous business fields around the world.

The specific conceptional design and development of high pressure valves and systems for the gas industry has been initiated and accelerated since 1989, at that time still within our mother company müller co-ax ag. The separate subsidiary company m-tech gmbh (whose basic task is to exclusively focus upon this market field) was founded in the year 2000.

In the meantime, we delivered more than 500 filling systems and uncountable single valves to our customers which are located in 26 countries world-wide, on 5 continents.

Due to the excellent business relations with our partners and customers - companies like Air Liquide, Air Products, BOC, Carburos Metálicos, Linde, Praxair etc. - nearly all our products have been developed in close co-operation with their engineering departments and specifically designed according to their individual requirements and applications. However, our activities are not only limited on the big gas companies anymore. We also realised many filling solutions for smaller regional gas suppliers.

m-tech mainly produces entire filling system solutions for mono- or mixture gases covering the most various applications in industrial, medical or special gas fields. Our valve concept is based upon a modular arrangement so that we are able to realise valve modules in nearly unlimited technical configurations. Complete filling systems with periphery elements - such as manometers, vacuum pumps, pressure transmitters etc. - are conceived and produced taking our valve concept as a basis.

However, not only do we realise entire systems. Also separate filling equipment is available in different configurations - like automatic valves, manual valves, automatic valves with manual override, proportional valves, overpressure valves, filters or check valves. Everything with accessories of the most various kinds.

All our products are carefully produced, cleaned, assembled, tested and packed meeting the highest requirements. Consequently, m-tech gmbh is able to guarantee suitability for high pressure oxygen service. The pressure range of our valves extends to 420 bar. Our equipment has been officially inspected, tested and approved by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), by the German TÃV (Technical Supervisory Association) and by the French Air Liquide Technology and Test Centre CTE.

No matter where you set up our products, our service takes care on a world-wide basis as our commitment continues after having sold our products. For customers\\$quot; requests, technical consultation as well as project management, we are at your disposal with a multilingual team of technical specialists.

Should you be interested in our company and our products, you will find more specific information, exemplary pictures and detailed technical data on our website www.m-tech-gmbh.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.