M1 Engineering is a privately owned company formed in 1973 that has over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of transportable tanks and cryogenic vessels. Employing over 70 people at two sites in Bradford, in Northern England, the company is a market leader in the fields of cryogenic tank container and road tanker manufacture.

"Our key market is cryogenic transport equipment with a focus on payload, product performance and low whole life costs," clarified Jason Gill, technical sales director.

M1 Engineering\\$quot;s business ethos is to make the needs of their clients its prime objective. The company designs and builds tanks to meet clients\\$quot; precise
requirements as a world-class manufacturer based on the best practices combined with its many years of experience in cryogenic vessel fabrication.

Peter Fox, managing director, commented that in the early 1990\\$quot;s after extensive marketing work the decision was taken to concentrate on more specialised markets where the business could add value to its clients\\$quot; business\\$quot;s through its products. "This resulted in an increased focus on the global air gas and cryogenic transport equipment market building on existing expertise forged in the 70\\$quot;s and 80\\$quot;s. This market now represents over 80 per cent of our turnover," he said.

"We have a very broad customer base in the air gas industry with clients in all parts of the world," adds Jason Gill. "Our sales are expanding year on year with over 40 per cent growth since 2003." adding that "Continued expansion is planned for 2006/7."

As well as continually developing its product range M1 Engineering has also invested heavily in manufacturing and state of the art welding equipment housed in modern clean premises, a policy they intend to continue.

Combined with computerised design and manufacturing management systems, the company says this ensures its clients will receive the quality and cost benefits made possible by advances in technology.

M1 Engineering consider that their most valuable asset is their people and they ensure they maintain the full potential of their whole workforce through a
team working environment that allows all employees to contribute towards the company\\$quot;s goals. Additionally training apprentices is an integral and essential part of M1 Engineering\\$quot;s current and future success. Around one third of the workforce is former apprentices.

"Our investment in our product range, manufacturing capabilities and our people is ongoing so that we can continue to increase the value we add to our customers\\$quot; businesses," concluded Peter Fox.

M1 Engineering Technology Corner
M1 Engineering has been involved in the manufacture, refurbishment and repair of cryogenic road tankers since it was founded in 1973. However in 1986 it moved into the production of cryogenic containers developing a range of 20\\$quot;, 30\\$quot; 40\\$quot;
ISO\\$quot;s and Swap Body containers for the carriage of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, Ethylene, Co2 and N2o.

Ongoing development resulted in the new generation \\$quot;˜Maximo \\$quot;
range of ISO containers being launched in 2000, with the new SWAP Body version of the Maximo with a 26,000-litre carrying capacity being added to the range last year in 2005. Optimising payload, features such as the stainless steel outer jacket to reduce whole life costs and the ability to build to customers\\$quot;
requirements continue to be the hallmark of this product range.

Complimentary to the cryogenic containers, M1 Engineering also markets cryogenic semi trailers and rigid \\$quot;˜micro bulk\\$quot; cryogenic road tankers. Its \\$quot;˜Carrymore \\$quot; range of semi-trailers was launched in 1998 again offering the market all stainless steel construction, and designs optimised to suit customers exact requirements and local regulations to maximise the payload of gas being

In 2001 the all aluminium version of the Carrymore was launched which
offers probably the highest payload to tare weight ratio on the market.