Machine & Welding Supply Co. and their sister company, Arcet Equipment Co., are excited to announce that both companies will be rebranded as “Arc3 Gases” on June 15. They say this is an important and natural step to take together following their merger in the fall of 2013.

With their new name, they will be updating their brand in a manner that builds upon their legacy brands and reflects their commitment to their gas and welding customers and their industry partners. Starting in June, all company branding will begin to be updated – from signs to mailings to uniforms, vehicles, and so on.

Machine & Welding and Arcet will continue to transact business with vendor partners and suppliers separately and will legally remain separate companies at this stage.

To assist in processing orders, on June 15, purchase orders from each company will be co-branded respectively as “Arc3 Gases South / Machine & Welding” and “Arc3 Gases North / Arcet.” After a reasonable period of time, they will drop the reference to their legacy names on purchase orders and retain just the North and South distinction. All other information about their businesses such as ship to, bill to, and general contact information will remain unchanged. Similarly, existing legal agreements and obligations will be unaffected.

Their website is now live: