International shipping giant Maersk has joined forces with two energy providers to produce carbon neutral e-methanol which will power the company’s first vessel that will operate on the renewable fuel. The partnership could also become a “blueprint” for the scaling of green fuel production, according to Henriette Hallberg Thygesen, CEO of Fleet & Strategic Brands, A.P. Moller – Maersk.

European Energy and its subsidiary, REintegrate will work with Maersk to establish a facility in Kassø, Denmark that will produce the approximate 10,000 tonnes of carbon neutral e-methanol that will be used per year to power Maersk’s e-methanol vessel.

Speaking about the partnership, Thygesen said, “This type of partnership could become a blueprint for how to scale green fuel production through collaboration with partners across the industry ecosystem, and it will provide us with valuable experiences as we are progressing on our journey to decarbonise our customers’ supply chains.”

“Sourcing the fuels of the future is a significant challenge, and we need to be able to scale production in time.”

The e-methanol will be produced using renewable energy and biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), ready for Maersk’s ambition to have the vessel on the water by 2023.

REintegrate is also constructing an e-methanol facility in Skive, due to begin operations in 2022.