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Published monthly and distributed across 140 countries, gasworld is the only truly global publication for the industrial gas industry. From current news and technology updates to market intelligence and interviews, gasworld cannot be missed!


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Issue 186 October 2020 - LNG issue


It may not be the distributive end of the LNG chain, but the marine and maritime market is making waves in LNG and related technologies. This month we explore IMO 2020, its impact, and how this fits within the wider trends in LNG markets.

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gasworld (US edition)

gasworld US focuses on the North American Industrial Gas market. Promoting the growth, technologies and ecomonic health of the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets.


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Gasworld US Edition, Vol 58, No 10 (October) - CO2 food & beverage


Carbon dioxide shortages and price rises have been a concern for distributors and those in the food and beverage industry. How bad has it been, and what is the outlook?

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gasworld Yearbook

Published annually; the gasworld Yearbook is a must have for your company, showcasing the top news from throughout the year all in one heavyweight annual.


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gasworld Yearbook 2019/20


That was the year that was… It may not have been quite the same year of headlines and industry revolution that 2018 gave us, when carbon dioxide (CO2 ) shortages gripped Europe and Mexico and the megamerger of equals of Praxair and Linde came together, but 2019 has nonetheless been ...