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Published monthly and distributed across 140 countries, gasworld is the only truly global publication for the industrial gas industry. From current news and technology updates to market intelligence and interviews, gasworld cannot be missed!


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Issue 200 December 2021 - Bulk Gases


We celebrate 200 issues of gasworld magazine and everything it has become, but we also appraise the business of bulk gases today and the fusion of challenges and opportunities at the hands of the pandemic, digitisation and decarbonisation.

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gasworld (US edition)

gasworld US focuses on the North American Industrial Gas market. Promoting the growth, technologies and ecomonic health of the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets.


Latest Issue - gasworld (US edition)


gasworld US Edition, Vol 59, No 12 (December) - Food & Beverage


Maintaining a consistent CO2 supply has been challenging for some distributors this year, and caused concern for customers in the food and beverage space. We have an update on the situation in this issue and ask what solutions there are.

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gasworld Yearbook

Published annually; the gasworld Yearbook is a must have for your company, showcasing the top news from throughout the year all in one heavyweight annual.


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gasworld Yearbook 2020/21


What a year. How many times has that sentence been uttered this year? These are exceptional times and 2020 is for all, very much the year we’d like to forget and move on from. And yet, there are still many things to be learned and celebrated from this most challenging ...